We Are Energy Equipment Tech

Your Reliable Offshore Installation Contractor

Established in April 2021, Energy Equipment Tech Sdn Bhd (EET) is an emerging oil and gas service provider in Malaysia offering innovative and integrated turnkey solutions.

Our expertise lies in offshore Transportation and Installation (T&I), covering subsea pipelines, submarine cables, subsea structures, offshore jackets and topsides, and more. As we forge ahead and expand our portfolio to better serve our clients, one thing remains constant—our unwavering emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

EET Company: Your Reliable Offshore Installation Contractor ​
EET Company: Your Reliable Offshore Installation Contractor ​


To be a premier service provider of civil, energy, and renewable energy sectors globally, delivering an extensive range of top-notch services that meet the world’s energy needs and contribute to a cleaner, safer future.


Our missions are:
To provide progressive, dynamic, and effective solutions
by leveraging our extensive know-how, cutting-edge technologies, and best-in-class personnel.
To offer unparalleled performance

by optimising our operations and processes to enhance productivity, streamline performance and uphold safety standards.

To foster lasting partnerships
by expanding our services globally while maintaining a local focus and adapting to the unique needs of each market.

Core Values

At EET, we place significant importance on our core values as they serve as the essence of our company. By upholding these values, we ensure ethical decision-making, drive our business forward, and fulfil our obligations to our clients, team members, and partners.


Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Nothing Short of Excellence

We take pride in delivering robust and reliable services and setting high standards for the quality of our solutions. To do so, we establish a culture of continuous improvements, implement rigorous quality control and assurance processes, as well as endeavour to offer pragmatic and value-added oil and gas solutions to our clients.


Effective Solutions

Effective Solutions

High Degree of Reliability

Determined to exceed clients’ expectations and create long-term value, we provide effective and efficient solutions that bring lasting peace of mind to our clients. Going above and beyond, our passionate team of industry experts work meticulously to deliver better solutions by providing expert and client-focused services.


Trustworthy Services

Trustworthy Services

Open and Honest Operations

At EET, our practice is characterised by immense care, attention to detail, and clear communication. With the best interest of our people, partners, and clients in mind, we maintain the utmost standards of integrity and operate with honesty and transparency across all facets of our operations.